Aron Abrahimi, Instructor
Walter Amaya, Instructor
Erin Brandit, Instructor
JP Champion, Instructor
Walter Champion, Instructor
Tony Delgado, Instructor
Alain Despatie, Instructor
Gabe Ets-Hokin, Instructor
Ken Fong, Instructor
Eric Guzman, Instructor
Glenn Hart, Instructor
Alison Hermance, Instructor
Jordan Holbrook, Instructor
Thomas Luth, Instructor
Kevin Magee, Instructor
Chris Meyers, Instructor
Bob Michalek, Instructor
Scott Nelson, Instructor
Nate Rabiroff, Instructor
Anja Seitz, Instructor
Robert Shelton, Instructor
Sue Taylor, Instructor
Mike Wong, Instructor
David Sullivan
President & Instructor

David Sullivan became an Instructor in 1994 teaching
out of Brooklyn, NY. He founded NCMT, Inc. before
retiring with 20 years of service from the United
States Coast Guard.

David's love affair with motorcycling started in the
60's when his cousin gave him a ride on the back of
his CB750.

Currently David rides everything from touring Harleys
to dual sport and sport bikes. For city transportation
he rides a Vespa scooter.
Dale Croy
San Mateo Operations Director & Instructor

I became an instructor in January 2007.  
I currently primarily ride a Goldwing GL1800 as my main bike and
have a couple of other motorcycles in my garage to ride as well.
I enjoy doing a lot of long distance riding and sport touring, and
have done a lot of traveling throughout the country with my Wing.

Since I had been doing a lot of riding year round for quite a few
years, I thought it might be a wise idea to improve my own safety on
a motorcycle even though I had never had an accident in over 26
years at the time. I also broke a few self–taught and bad habits in
my own skills and techniques.  It’s been a great experience and I
have met and worked with a lot of terrific people and students.
Susie Reed
Administrative Director
I first started working at NCMT, Inc in 2005 as the
administrative assistant. In 2008 I left NCMT to finish school
and came back in 2010 to become the company's full time
office manager.

To me safety is everything. Motorcycling has become a life
long journey of learning, I will forever be improving and
learning new things.  
The NCMT, Inc. Team!
(877) 888-NCMT (6268)